Toronto Commercial Synthetic Turf Installation

Reduce or even eliminate maintenance costs associated with natural lawn care with an average return on investment of 2-3 years. Enjoy healthy lush appearance year round, regardless of weather or drought conditions with no weeds. There are unlimited design possibilities. Lazy Lawn can be used in many places natural grass may not, including rooftops, indoors, steep slopes, heavily shaded areas or non-accessible areas.

No matter the climate, Lazy Lawn may be used immediately following precipitation or heavy rains without the dirt and mud offering the cleanest environment possible. We also offer the most credible warranty in the industry. As the only vertically integrated manufacturer of synthetic turf, Lazy Lawn has the only manufacturer-backed warranty available.

Specifying Lazy Lawn in your next commercial application is a breeze! We have a comprehensive Library of Specifications and Tests. Find out how Lazy Lawn can contribute to LEED certification for your commercial project.