Poolside Synthetic Turf

Do you want to make your backyard pool look exquisite? How about installing artificial grass around the swimming pool areas? Yes! The artificial grass can be installed over the pool sides can make it aesthetically appealing for your guests and a great spot for you to spend beautiful moments with your family!    Benefits of […]

How Long Does Artificial Grass Last? 

It is a common question that how long does artificial grass last? No matter it is real grass or fake grass, the lifespan of the grass depends on the maintenance that we provide. The existence of the real grass can be probably 10 or 12 years, and it stays more if it is nurtured well. […]

How Synthetic Grass can Boost your Property’s Value

If you want to increase the value of your home, then go with the best alternatives like artificial grass. The artificial gars ha become the most used one in many of the houses today and a preferred option for people who love backyards and lawns. People started to replace the natural grass outdoors because of the maintenance works it […]


Most people would love to have a great looking lawn all year round. One great substitute for a natural grass lawn is by installing an artificial one. Landowners both Residential and Commercial are opting for an easier less costly alternative. Unlike a traditional lawn, a synthetic lawn does not require mowing, use of pesticides, fertilizers, or […]


Over time, synthetic turfs have become popular among homeowners across the GTA. Most people are looking for a drought-friendly, low-maintenance substitute for the traditional lawn.  The benefits to installing artificial grass are countless one of which is having safe, resilient lawn that your pet can relieve itself on without discolouring the grass.   If you’re still not convinced, here is what […]

Maintaining Your Synthetic Turf For Back to School

It’s time for back to school and the maintenance of the artificial grass. Don’t worry! The artificial grass doesn’t require any strong maintenance that takes up all your efforts and time. Instead, light maintenance would be amazing to keep it healthy. Lazy Lawn has the best ways to set up and install artificial grass in your backyard and outdoors and […]

Will Your Dogs Love Artificial Grass?

As we all know by now, artificial turf is the solution to many lawn problems. It is low maintenance, helps you save time and money and it’s earth friendly. But what about dogs? Is it alright to install artificial grass when you have dogs and other pets that love to play in the yard?  Our answer is YES!   Owning […]

Why Kids Love Artificial Grass

Real grass is only natural when it does not contain chemicals or toxins. We all know that this is rare because lawn care requires the application of fertilizers and pesticides to keep the grass healthy. This is great if your grass is for show only. However, it can be problem when you have kids who […]

Basic Composition of Artificial Turf

Synthetic grass or artificial turf has become a popular lawn staple. They can be found in schools, playground areas, malls and even homes.   One of the reasons why people like artificial turf is because of maintenance. Since this type of lawn decoration is synthetic, there is no need to cut water or care for it. Just […]