Best Type Of Artificial Grass For Your Needs

Artificial grass can make your dead lawn come to life. If you live in areas that suffer from periodic drought like California Utah and Colorado worrying about water for your lawn has become the norm. Luckily, you can always switch to artificial turf in order to enjoy ever-green lawn even during the worst drought.  However, […]

The Best Time To Install Artificial Turf

Switching to artificial turf is an easy decision to make. It is low maintenance, looks like real grass and is an environment friendly alternative to the real deal. But when is the best time to install artificial grass?  A New Home  You can skip a lot of unnecessary steps by installing an artificial lawn right […]

Top 5 Ways Synthetic Turf will Improve Your Outdoor Pool

  Would you like to upgrade your pool to make it look ravishing for your guests? Artificial grass is the best way to landscape your pool sides stunning. Lazy Lawn can customize your swimming pool with artificial grass surrounding it.  These are the 5 best ways in which artificial grass can ameliorate your outdoor pool […]

Reasons Why Artificial Grass Is Great For Rainy Weather

Did you know that artificial grass is great for all weather? Yes, that’s right. Artificial turf is great for any weather including rainy weather.  If you live in a rainy area or just want a low-maintenance yard, here are some reasons why artificial turf is the ideal “grass” for rainy weather.  Does Not Fall Apart  […]

Tennis Court Athletic Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass has become popular and widely used to create a comfortable sports field. If you are looking for a firm space to carry out sports like tennis, football, soccer, etc, then artificial grass would be the best choice. The main advantage of laying out artificial grass on the athletic surfaces is the ability to customize them in […]

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Weeds In Artificial Grass

You’ve finally made the switch to artificial turf. Congratulations!  Artificial grass is a low-maintenance solution to your lawn problems. You can say goodbye to expensive water bill, fertilizers, pesticides and lawn mowers. You can now enjoy a peaceful weekend sipping your favorite beer while sitting on a lounger with your feet on the artificial grass.   […]

Synthetic Turf Takes You Back to School

Most of the schools are transforming their playgrounds to artificial grass considering the safety of kids and to reduce the maintenance costs. Maintaining artificial grass is not tedious compared to natural grass and these give so much comfort and convenience for kids to play around and conduct sports. The need for artificial grass in playgrounds at schools […]

How To Maintain Driving Range

Golf is a very popular sport that attracts millions of viewers and fans around the world. But did you know that maintaining a driving range is expensive?  Driving range maintenance involves a lot of mowing, divot filling, fertilizing, plant protectants, pesticides and hard physical labor not to mention money.  A good solution for driving ranges and […]

How Artificial Grass Raises Your Home Value

Home value is important because it lets you know how much it’s worth. Our homes are probably our biggest financial investment and it’s natural to want to see some return over investment over time.   All homeowners, whether they want to sell or not, are always looking for ways to raise their property value. One of the best ways […]

Synthetic Turf Putting Greens

Do you want to make your backyard pool look exquisite? How about installing artificial grass around the swimming pool areas? Yes! The artificial grass can be installed over the pool sides can make it aesthetically appealing for your guests and a great spot for you to spend beautiful moments with your family! Benefits of artificial […]