Most people would love to have a great looking lawn all year round. One great substitute for a natural grass lawn is by installing an artificial one. Landowners both Residential and Commercial are opting for an easier less costly alternative.

Unlike a traditional lawn, a synthetic lawn does not require mowing, use of pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. With no need to ‘upkeep’ like you would with a traditional lawn you’ll no longer require the services of a maintenance crew or landscaping company, saving you money.  

Water shortage has been a cause for alarm in many areas of the world, including Canada. One way to conserve water is by installing an artificial grass. A natural grass lawn needs adequate water on a daily basis to enable growth and to ensure a green healthy lawn. The water-related costs that a traditional lawn consumes can be high. You can help conserve both water and money by installing an artificial front or back lawn.

Sports fields have been making use of artificial grass for years. From tennis to football to soccer to rugby Lazy Lawn offers a turf for every sport.   An artificial turf playing field offers athletes alike a safer, level play area with no potholes, recesses or mud, reducing player injury.  

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