How Long Does Artificial Grass Last? 

It is a common question that how long does artificial grass last? No matter it is real grass or fake grass, the lifespan of the grass depends on the maintenance that we provide. The existence of the real grass can be probably 10 or 12 years, and it stays more if it is nurtured well. So, can you imagine what would be the life expectancy of the artificial grass that doesn’t require any watering or feeding?  

Does Artificial grass stay longer compared to real grass? 

Though artificial grass doesn’t require any sort of watering, it needs proper maintenance to extend its lifespan. Removing the debris from the grass, cleaning the stains, regular rinsing, and brushing are some of the effective ways that can foster increasing the quality of the grass and make it lasts for 20 to 25 years.  

Besides, the backing material that is used on the artificial grass also plays a vital role in the existence of the artificial grass. The backing gives support for the artificial grass and therefore using quality material as a base is important. Lazy Lawn uses the best and quality material that can provide reliable support for the artificial grass and that makes our products one of the best and high demands in the market. 

Not only the design but the way the artificial turf is installed at your premises also matters. Giving necessary care and maintenance to the artificial lawn is inevitable in improving its sustainability.  

How to improve the life and persistence of the artificial lawn? 

Several factors rely on the longer survival of the artificial grass. If you do regular care and maintenance on the artificial lawn can incredibly improve its longevity. There are some tips and tricks which you can follow : 

If you have pets, make sure the pet wastes are removed from the artificial turf because this debris can easily get into the backing support of the lawn and cause wear and tear in future 

If you have a lot of trees or shrubs, it is more likely that leaves fell into the lawn. Clean the lawn and ensure that there are no leaves on the artificial lawn 

Use a stiff brush that to remove dirt, leaves, and debris. Even you can use a broom to sweep the artificial lawn which can make it super clean. However, make sure you do not use any broom with bristles which can sometimes cause damage to the grass blades. 

Proper grooming of the artificial grass can keep the grass in the upright position which makes it look fresh and perfect 

The fireworks and the use of cigarettes can burn the artificial lawn and hence, you prevent such activities or items from the artificial lawn  

These simple tips and advice can improve the life expectancy of your artificial lawn. Let your artificial lawn stay for years and years and looks beautiful always. We, the Lazy Lawn are here to provide you all the necessary support and services! 

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