Residential Applications

Toronto Residential Artificial Lawn Installation
Lazy Lawn is perfect for any residential home! Making the decision to replace your natural grass with artificial grass will not only save you hours of landscape work, but it will also save you money. If your lawn is patchy and can’t grow grass in certain areas, you should definitely consider replacing it with Lazy Lawn artificial grass. You will have a perfect lawn all year long with the added benefit of little to no maintenance! No more pulling weeds, watering, aeration, mowing or harmful pesticides. Lazy Lawn will have your grass looking and feeling very natural and incredibly durable!

Installing Lazy Lawn in your home can surely reduce your water and energy bills and you can also say goodbye to your expensive lawnmower. It is perfect for homes with children, pets and the elderly because it is the safest and most innovative alternative to traditional landscapes.

Be the envy of your neighbourhood and call Lazy Lawn today!