Artificial Grass & Turf For Pets & Dogs

Maintenance Free Artificial Lawns are Here!

Pet Turf is a proven solution for your furry friend, both large and small.  Lazy Lawn® Artificial Grass for pets is a safe, non-allergenic activity surface. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use in both large and small areas, Lazy Lawn® Pet Turf is both durable and resilient, and looks great  in any season!

For older dogs and cats Lazy Lawn®  is an innovative and sanitary solution for pets to relieve themselves.  Imagine a lawn without all the yellow patches and bald spots? While cement and interlock can cause cuts and abrasions and gravel is known to aggravate paws,  Pet Turf by Lazy Lawn® does not!

Advantages of Lazy Lawn® Pet Turf

  • High flow drainage rates
  • Non-absorbent construction and system
  • Lush fresh-cut appearance
  • Safe for pets of all breeds and sizes
  • Easily cleaned unlike other alternatives
  • No need for harmful chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides
  • Loved by pets and owners alike