The Best Time To Install Artificial Turf

Switching to artificial turf is an easy decision to make. It is low maintenance, looks like real grass and is an environment friendly alternative to the real deal. But when is the best time to install artificial grass? 

A New Home 

You can skip a lot of unnecessary steps by installing an artificial lawn right off the bat. When you’re building a new home, you don’t have to worry about sprinkler systems, dodging corners or digging plants and bushes because you have a clean slate to work on. 

Choosing synthetic grass will also let you landscape your yard the way you want it. Your artificial grass is flexible in terms of terrain, shape or size so you can have a killer lawn right from the start. 

No More Ugly Lawn 

Let’s face it, most of us are busy with our full-time jobs and family to even think about taking care of the lawn properly. When it is neglected, our front lawns can look brown, balding and unkempt which can make the whole house look depressing and messy. 

The right time to install artificial turf is the day you finally want to say good-bye to your ugly lawn. Enjoy emerald green lawns with minimal maintenance no matter the season. 

Kids Want To Play Outside 

We always tell our kids to play outside and be active. When they’re at an age when they want to play outdoors, get ready to get rid of your natural grass.  

Artificial grass is soft and earth friendly. Since it does not use chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers for maintenance, you’re sure that your kid is playing in a toxin-free environment. 

Hello Putting Green 

Golf can be a relaxing sport but driving to the golf course not so much. If you’ve finally had it with poor putting, then it’s time to have a putting green at home.  

Switching to artificial turf will let you design a putting green so that you can practice at your convenience without the expensive club fees or horrendous traffic. 

Fall Season 

But if you want to talk about the actual time to install artificial turf, we say around fall season. This is a good time for you to prepare your lawn for spring and summer. Generally speaking, this is also a not so busy time for contractors so you can do some research and pick the best service you can afford. 

Rainy season or winter is perhaps not the best time to install artificial turf. Rain turns soil into mud and it can be hard for contractors who have to remove your natural grass in the mud and rain. During winter, the soil is rock solid so not many contractors will want to install during this time. Or they will charge you an arm and a leg since it takes a lot of work. 

Wrap Up 

So when is the best time to install artificial lawn? It’s when you’re tired of maintenance. When maintenance takes up most of your time and you forget about relaxing then switch to artificial lawn.  

Real grass takes a lot of maintenance and money to look good. When you think that enough is enough then go for it. A beautiful lawn with minimal maintenance is yours for the taking.  


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