Why Kids Love Artificial Grass

Real grass is only natural when it does not contain chemicals or toxins. We all know that this is rare because lawn care requires the application of fertilizers and pesticides to keep the grass healthy. This is great if your grass is for show only. However, it can be problem when you have kids who love playing in it since they will be exposed to the same chemicals and pesticides you use to maintain your lawn.  

In this instance, switching to artificial turf is better. Here are reasons why synthetic grass is preferable for kids. 

  1. Feels Soft and Nice 

Real grass feels soft and nice and so does artificial turf. If you have kids that love to play on your lawn, look for synthetic grass made from polyethylene. This type of artificial turf is affordable, soft, durable and looks like live grass making it a good choice for homeowners with young kids. 

  1. No Grass Stains 

Grass stains can be a headache in the laundry. There are many methods for grass stain removal available on the internet but they require lots of time. Moms and dads in charge of laundry don’t have time to take care of grass stains so many clothes get ruined in the process. 

Since artificial grass is made from plastic materials, you don’t have to worry about grass stains or how to get rid of them. Just launder your kids clothes as usual and while saving time and money on detergent and stain removers. 

  1. Quick Drying 

Artificial grass dries quickly too. When you have a lawn with natural grass, it can take days depending on how hot the sun can get before the lawn dries completely. Trying to explain this kind of situation to your kids can be problematic since all they care about is playing outside. 

Let’s not forget the mud which can contribute to more ruined clothes. 

  1. Pool? No problem! 

You don’t have to worry about inflatable pools, above ground pools and your grass anymore with artificial turf.  

Normally, when you leave an inflatable pool for a couple of days on your backyard you’re going to see a brown or bald spot on the pools site when you take it off. It can take days before the spot grows or turn green again which can be annoying since it ruins the view. 

  1. All-Year Fun 

You and your kids can get to play on your artificial grass all year round. The grass will always be greener on your side even during drought season. Enjoy soft playing surface even during cold autumn days because your lawn is ever-green. 

  1. No Puddles 

Just like water, puddles are annoying and also cause mud. Artificial turf has perforated backing that allows water to drain to the edges so that there are no puddles even after a downpour. 

  1. All Season Soccer 

Many soccer clubs are now playing on artificial grass. This is because it requires minimal maintenance and is cost-effective. Best of all, kids can now play soccer and other field games no matter the season.  

Bonus: No Allergies 

Synthetic grass is a good choice for kids (and parents) with hay fever. Artificial grass does not have pollen so it can help minimize symptoms like congestion, sneezing and runny nose during allergy season.  

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