Will Your Dogs Love Artificial Grass?

As we all know by now, artificial turf is the solution to many lawn problems. It is low maintenance, helps you save time and money and its earth friendly. But what about dogs? Is it alright to install artificial grass when you have dogs and other pets that love to play in the yard? 

Our answer is YES!  

Owning a dog is great. They make life more fun and entertaining. We also know that dogs love the outdoors. They like going on walks, sniffing, exploring and playing in the backyard. But will they like artificial turf? 

That’s another YES! 

Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass For Pets and Their Owners 

Save Money 

Being a dog parent is a fun adventure, but it comes with a price. Dog food, health and care products can add up. Removing real grass and switching to artificial turf can help you save at least a couple of hundred dollars per year in maintenance. You can say good-bye to expensive water bills, pesticides and fertilizers. You will now have more money to spoil your beloved dog. 

Save Time 

Taking care of a lawn takes time, but taking care of a pooch takes up so much more. Aside from a full time job, taking care of the house and dog who has time to fertilize, mow and water the lawn regularly. 

Well, you can eliminate these chores from your to-do list because artificial grass is low maintenance. It does not need regular watering and you can finally say goodbye to pesticides and fertilizers which can be full of chemicals and pose health risks to your dog. 


Artificial turf is non-toxic. It also does not require chemicals for maintenance. This means you and your dog can play in your yard without having to worry about dangerous substances that can be inhaled or absorbed by the skin. You and your dog can now roll around the grass to your heart’s content. 

Easy to Maintain 

Dogs can be potty trained but when accidents happen you don’t have to worry about a tough clean up. You can simply bag their poop and spot clean the area with an all-purpose cleaner, soft bristled brush and water. You can also get rid of the poop smell by making a vinegar solution (equal parts vinegar and water) and then spraying it on the area. Vinegar is a natural deodorizer that won’t harm your dog. 

You can use the same cleaning method for other debris that can be found on your artificial turf. 

Paw Friendly 

Perhaps the number 1 worry of dog owners about artificial turf is temperature. Since synthetic grass is made from plastic material, they worry that it will get too hot on a summer’s day and burn their dog’s paws.  

This is not the case because many artificial turf are made from new technology that prevents it from becoming too ht. You don’t have to worry about overheated grass even during summer season.  

Bottom Line 

As you can see, artificial turf is a dog and owner friendly solution for the home. Not only will your dog love it but you will soon fall in love with it too. Now you can spend lots of time taking pictures with your dog and your lawn and post it on social media.  







However, owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities. Muddy paw prints and poop are just the beginning. With all of this around, who has time to take care of o 

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